Shopify Integration

Synchronise discount codes with Shopify store using campaigns

We also provide integration with Shopify stores when using campaigns.

Premium Apps

Integration with Shopify is available only on our Paid apps.

How it works

Whenever the codes are generated on the fly for your customers, we automatically sync the codes to your Shopify store as well so that all the codes for the campaigns are available for your customers to be redeemed at your Shopify store.

We even track all the discount redemptions made on your Shopify store, so you can easily monitor which codes had been redeemed along with other metadata directly from your Vauchar's Dashboard.

Connecting Shopify Store

To connect your Shopify store with Vauchar, go to the Settings from your Vauchar's Dashboard and select the App Integrations option. Then select Shopify from the apps list and click on the Connect App button.

Click on the Connect App button

Enter your store url and click on continue.

Your store url will look typically like this: ****

Enter your Store URL

Click on the Install App in the next screen.

Select the Install App option

Now your Vauchar account is connected to your Shopify store. If you wish to disconnect the Shopify Store, click on the Disconnect App option

Select Disconnect App if you wish to disconnect

Shopify with Campaigns

Creation of Campaigns

To know more about the Campaigns and creation, please refer Campaigns Intrduction section

Adding the Store Sync of Shopify with your Campaigns will sync all the codes generated for the campaign with your Shopify store

*To add sync for a particular campaign with your Shopify store, follow these steps. *

After the campaign is created, select the Connect Store option from the Campaign View page.

Select Connect Store option under Store Sync

Under the Shopify option click on the Select Store from the popup

Connect your Shopify store

Your Shopify store must be connected with your Vauchar account for setup the sync. To know more about connecting your Shopify store, check previous section.

Click on Select Store under Shopify option

Select the options as required and click on Connect Store

Select the option as required

Setup for store sync is complete and you will be able to see the status under Store Sync option in Campaign View page.

Store connection status
Store Sync

You must repeat these above steps for all the campaigns for which you want the codes to be synced with your Shopify store.

Once the process is complete, all the codes generated for the particular Campaign will automatically sync with your Shopify store.

Codes are automatically synced with your store